Need a Skylight Heat Blocker? Liquisol skylight paint.

by Skylight Heat Control on February 25, 2012

Liquisol paint is an effective skylight heat blocker because it reflects away the heat while still allowing in the light. Unlike with skylight shades, skylight covers and solar screens, you can adjust and control the level of heat control and light on your skylight simply by varying how many coats of paint you apply.

Liquisol saves you money– when too much heat gets in through the skylight it has to be removed somehow. Sure, you can open a window, but most people nowadays use air conditioning so it costs money to remove that extra heat and to make your house comfortable. Liquisol can reduce more than 50% of the heat while still letting in the light.

Liquisol is versatile – It can be applied to acrylic, plexiglass and glass. Because it’s a paint there is no issue with curves, domes or angles.

Liquisol Heat Skylight Blocker Paint

Skylight Before Liquisol

Liquisol skylight heat blocker paint

Skylight after Liquisol is applied.

Liquisol is effective – Liquisol blocks more than half the heat while letting in the light. Liquisol reduces the fading of furniture and fabrics by eliminating UV light.

Liquisol looks good – Liquisol skylight heat blocking paint has a muted reflectivity on the outside surface and won’t reflect sunlight into buildings or windows.

Liquisol improves the light in your home or building -Liquisol not only blocks and reduces the heat coming from your skylight, it softens and diffuses the light, reducing glare, eliminating eye strain and making it easier to see computer screens and televisions.

Liquisol is easy to apply – Liquisol can be applied with an airless paint sprayer or paint roller by either the Do-it-yourself’er or by a professional.

Liquisol is affordable – One liter is enough to apply two coats to over 100 Sq. Feet of skylights. On a per skylight or per square foot basis Liquisol is often less expensive than other skylight heat control options.

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