Liquisol paint for medical building

by Skylight Heat Control on February 29, 2012

Too much heat coming through your skylight? We recently applied Liquisol Solar reflective paint to a set of acrylic bubble skylights over a medical office building in Phoenix, AZ.

Liquisol paint on bubble skylight

Liquisol on bubble skylight

The problem…too much heat and light.

The solutionLiquisol 4EverBlue heat blocking paint.

Liquisol 4EverBlue blocks almost 60% of the heat while softening, diffusing and reducing the light, resulting in less glare and eye strain.

Easy to install and effective, Liquisol paint is the better alternative to skylight blinds, shades and solar screens. For more information or to order Liquisol contact us at 888-473-8046 or by email.

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