Liquisol Installation videos now online.

by Skylight Heat Control on May 1, 2012

Applying Liquisol Skylight PaintLiquisol Solar reflective paint is a new and innovative way to reduce heat and glare from your plexiglass, acrylic and glass skylights. Liquisol has excellent solar performance and a nice appearance, reducing glare by softening and diffusing the light, but it needs to be properly applied to ensure it provides the ultimate in performance and looks.

We have added links showing how best to apply your Liquisol paint using both a roller and an airless sprayer. For flat surfaces using a roller is fine and depending on weather conditions may be the preferred way to apply the paint.

For curved and uneven surfaces however Liquisol MUST be applied using an airless sprayer. Failure to do so will result in poor visual results.


The Installation videos can be found here… Applying Liquisol Paint.



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