Liquisol 4EverDark Solar Control Paint

4EverDark Skylight Paint | Solar reflective paint

4EverDark – Extreme Solar Control

Extreme Solar Control

Liquisol 4EverDark was developed to handle the searing temperatures and intense sunlight found in the deserts of the American Southwest. Customers in these areas wanted a solar paint for their skylights that took huge chunks out of the heat and glare coming through their skylights. Our scientists went into their lab’s and 4EverDark was born.

Liquisol 4EVERdark is our darkest Liquisol paint and has what it takes to stop the harsh sun in Arizona or anywhere else where you want to stop massive amounts of heat. One coat of 4Everdark is all it takes to reduce the heat coming through your skylight by 65%. Not enough? Well then go for two coats where our 4EverDark product will achieve a total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) on your polycarbonate, acrylic or glass skylights of an unbelievable 93%! Glare reduction is just as massive.

Liquisol 4EverDark is warrantied for five years and has an expected minimum lifetime of 10 years, meaning it will outlast most competitive skylight heat control solutions.

This liquid solar control paint is a water based acrylic varnish which must be applied on the outside of skylights, conservatories or sky domes fabricated in acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate or glass. Best applied with an airless sprayer, 4EVERdark dries into a tough, durable layer that absorbs Ultraviolet light, reflects the Infrared and moderates the visible light passing through your skylight. The result – your more comfortable, you save money on air conditioning and your furniture, fabrics and artwork will last longer.

Benefits of 4EverDark include:

  • Excellent Solar Heat Reduction
  • Reduces glare by softening and diffusing the light.
  • Reduces fading of fabrics, furniture and artwork.
  • Let’s in the light while reducing the heat.
  • Cost effective solar control

Because Liquisol 4EVERdark is a translucent paint it is best applied by an experienced painter in accordance with the recommended application procedures. Customers need to be aware that any differences in the paint thickness will be visible on the inside of the building. When properly applied this effect is minor, but the dark color of the 4EverDark does highlight any mistakes made during the application. That being said, 4EverDark is an outstanding solar performer that produces great results. If you have a especially severe heat and glare issue with your skylights this is the perfect solution.

One liter of 4EverDark will cover approximately 100 square feet and is available in 1 liter and 5 liter containers.

You can buy Liquisol 4EverDark here, contact us or simply call us at 888-473-8046

*When purchasing Liquisol paint be sure to include Liquisol sOOp cleaner to ensure the surface is properly cleaned, prepped and ready for your Liquisol application.