How to Apply Liquisol Skylight Paint

Liquisol is not your typical paint and, for the best results, requires specialized installation. Here are some tips for applying Liquisol Solar Paint to your glass and skylights:

Liquisol can be applied using either a roller or airless sprayer. DO NOT APPLY LIQUISOL PAINT WITH A BRUSH.

Surface Preparation

Prepare the surface by cleaning with Liquisol sOOp Cleaner. SOOp is available in a 10:1 concentrated form and needs to be diluted prior to use (10 parts water to 1 part sOOp).

Using a sponge or brush, clean the surface with the sOOp. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Excess water may be removed using a squeegee and the surfce dried with paper towels or lint free rags.

Applying Liquisol 4Ever/4Everblue Paint with an Airless Sprayer

For best results on a curved or uneven surface Liquisol needs to be applied using an airless sprayer.

When applying Liquisol using an airless sprayer the following applies:

  • Spray point: 1850 of 2190 (o.4 of 0.53mm)
  • Dilute the paint with 2% – 3% water.

Recommended Sprayers – GRACO HVLP or GRACO EasyMax FF

Here is the installation video:

Applying Liquisol 4Ever/4EverBlue Paint with a Roller.

For Flat Surfaces, whether Acrylic, Polycarbonate or Glass Liquisol can be applied using a roller.

  • The recommended paint roller to be used with Liquisol is the 8 mm ANZA roller (smaller diameter rollers are better).
  • When using a roller the paint is ready to use straight from the container.

Here is the installation video:

Contact Liquisol USA with any questions and for more information at 866-900-1476 or by email.