How does Liquisol skylight paint look?

by Skylight Heat Control on May 19, 2012

Skylight Heat Reduction | Stop the Sun | Skylight HeatLiquisol solar reflective paint is an effective, simple and easy way to reduce excess heat, glare and light from plastic, acrylic and plexiglass skylights. Compared to skylight shades, blinds and covers it’s often the more affordable and effective solution…but how does it look?

The following applications were applied using an airless sprayer, the recommended way to install Liquisol on curved and uneven surfaces.

Here are some pictures that show how Liquisol looks from both the inside and outside…

Skylight Heat Solution | Skylight Paint | Skylight tint

The interior appearance of a Liquisol application

Exterior appearance of Liquisol 4Ever and 4EverBlue

Looking out from the inside…

Skylight Heat Solution | Skylight tint | How to reduce skylight heat

Interior View of Liquisol Skylight paint

Liquisol is especially effective for commercial and home skylights that want to keep the positive benefits of skylights – natural lighting, reduced energy costs, while minimizing the negatives – excess light, heat and glare. Not only is Liquisol ideal for polycarbonate, it often costs less and lasts longer than alternative solutions. If you have a skylight heat problem, give us a call.

Liquisol reduces light, glare and heat, making homes, offices and stores more pleasant as well as more energy efficient…and that’s simply the smart choice. For more information on Liquisol call the technical experts at LiquisolUSA at 888-473-8046 or simply contact us by email.

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