Dome Skylights – Use Liquisol solar paint to reduce heat and glare

by Skylight Heat Control on February 27, 2012

Achieving effective solar control for dome skylights can be tough. Dome skylights are usually made of acrylic, plexiglass or some other form of poly-carbonate material. And despite the fact these skylights are usually relatively small, they can let in a lot of unwanted heat and glare.

Solar control solutions for dome skylights typically are limited to blinds, solar screens and skylight covers, as window film cannot be used on acrylic or plexiglass nor can it be applied on the curved surface of a dome skylight.

When it comes to dome skylights blinds, shades and covers can be an expensive option, as most home and business owners are looking for a simple, affordable and and effective way to solve the heat problem coming from their skylight. Liquisol sun control paint is the perfect solution for these situations because it can be easily applied and it will reduce the heat coming through your skylight.

The best part – Liquisol is permanent, effective and still let’s in the light.

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