Commercial Skylights – Too much heat

by Skylight Heat Control on February 28, 2012

If you have commercial buildings with commercial skylights causing too much heat and glare in the employee work space or designated customer areas please give us a call and we will help you to resolve your problem.

Commercial Skylight - Heat ProblemLiquisol can be applied to all types of commercial skylights, whether they’re made of acrylic, plexiglass and even glass. Because Liquisol is a paint, there is no need for custom fittings as there is with shades and blinds.

Liquisol can be applied by your maintenance staff, professional painters or by window film installers.

Liquisol blocks the heat while letting in the light, and Liquisol 4EverBlue gives the appearance of blue skies no matter what the weather outside.

Liquisol is perfect for commercial venues, museums and retail businesses because it eliminates hotspots and reduces facing of merchandise and artwork.

Liquisol is great for reducing the glare on computer screens and televisions.

Liquisol increases employee productivity and customer comfort.

Liquisol has been used in office buildings, schools, retail shopping areas and other venues. Call us at 888-473-8046 or drop us an email.

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