Solar control paint?

by Skylight Heat Control on December 9, 2012

Solar Control, Skylight Heat Control, Skylight PaintSolar Control Window Paint is a terrific way to deal with those annoying skylights that let in too much heat and light. Our Liquisol brand solar control paints are applied externally and provides you with a powerful, proven way to stop heat when using blinds, covers or window film is impossible or impractical. This is the ideal solution for wired or patterned glass as well as domed and poly-carbonate (acrylic, Lexan, Plexiglass) skylights.

An added advantage…Our solar control paints will last longer and look better longer on your skylight than any of those other solutions.

Our solar paints can applied directly to any glass or poly-carbonate surface with a sprayer or roller (on the outside) to reduce the suns heat and glare. You’ll be more comfortable and happier because our solar paints can reduce the heat coming through your skylights by up to 59% while cutting the glare in half and blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Liquisol brand solar control paint is non-toxic, safe for the environment and comes with a 5 year warranty against cracking and peeling*.

(*of course the warranty requires that the correct preparation and installation procedures be followed.)

For more information contact LiquisolUSA at 888-473-8046 of simply send us a note.


Applying Liquisol Skylight Paint with a roller

by Skylight Heat Control on September 2, 2012

Here’s a short video, nothing fancy, showing Liquisol solar control paint being applied to a pyramid-shaped acrylic skylight. The preferred method to apply Liquisol is using an airless sprayer, but with flat surfaces you can achieve a good application using a small diameter paint roller.

YouTube Preview Image

If you have a skylight letting in too much light, heat and/or glare maybe Liquisol is the solution you’ve been looking for. Designed specifically to be used on polycarbonate, plastic and acrylic surfaces, Liquisol provides affordable and effective sun control.

For more information contact LiquisolUSA at 888-473-8046 or by email.

Warehouse Skylight Heat Solution – Liquisol Solar Paint

August 16, 2012

Here are some pictures of a recent application of Liquisol 4EverBlue solar control paint on some polycarbonate skylights in a warehouse. The client wanted to reduce the amount of heat and glare coming through the skylights and was looking for a simple, affordable and effective way to address skylight heat problems. Liquisol is easy to apply and […]

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New Liquisol Video – Ways to apply Liquisol Paint

May 20, 2012

Too much heat coming from your skylight? Liquisol solar reflective paint could be the answer. Effective, affordable and long lasting, Liquisol makes your bubble, curved and plastic skylights more energy efficient, saving money and energy. The preferred method to apply Liquisol paint is with an airless sprayer. For flat surfaces, whether polycarbonate or glass, it […]

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How does Liquisol skylight paint look?

May 19, 2012

Liquisol solar reflective paint is an effective, simple and easy way to reduce excess heat, glare and light from plastic, acrylic and plexiglass skylights. Compared to skylight shades, blinds and covers it’s often the more affordable and effective solution…but how does it look? The following applications were applied using an airless sprayer, the recommended way […]

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Liquisol Installation videos now online.

May 1, 2012

Liquisol Solar reflective paint is a new and innovative way to reduce heat and glare from your plexiglass, acrylic and glass skylights. Liquisol has excellent solar performance and a nice appearance, reducing glare by softening and diffusing the light, but it needs to be properly applied to ensure it provides the ultimate in performance and looks. We […]

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Liquisol paint for medical building

February 29, 2012

Too much heat coming through your skylight? We recently applied Liquisol Solar reflective paint to a set of acrylic bubble skylights over a medical office building in Phoenix, AZ. The problem…too much heat and light. The solution…Liquisol 4EverBlue heat blocking paint. Liquisol 4EverBlue blocks almost 60% of the heat while softening, diffusing and reducing the […]

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Commercial Skylights – Too much heat

February 28, 2012

If you have commercial buildings with commercial skylights causing too much heat and glare in the employee work space or designated customer areas please give us a call and we will help you to resolve your problem. Liquisol can be applied to all types of commercial skylights, whether they’re made of acrylic, plexiglass and even […]

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Dome Skylights – Use Liquisol solar paint to reduce heat and glare

February 27, 2012

Achieving effective solar control for dome skylights can be tough. Dome skylights are usually made of acrylic, plexiglass or some other form of poly-carbonate material. And despite the fact these skylights are usually relatively small, they can let in a lot of unwanted heat and glare. photo credit: Looking Glass Solar control solutions for dome skylights […]

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Need a Skylight Heat Blocker? Liquisol skylight paint.

February 25, 2012

Liquisol paint is an effective skylight heat blocker because it reflects away the heat while still allowing in the light. Unlike with skylight shades, skylight covers and solar screens, you can adjust and control the level of heat control and light on your skylight simply by varying how many coats of paint you apply. Liquisol […]

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