Liquisol 4EverBlue Solar Control Paint

Acrylic skylight paint

4EverBlue Skylight paint

Solar Control designed to simulate Nice Weather Outside

Liquisol 4EverBlue was developed and designed to provide greater solar control than our original formula, Liquisol 4Ever, and to give your skylights the appearance of nice weather outside. While still opaque, 4EverBlue gives a “blue hued” appearance on the interior, simulating the sky.

Benefits of Liquisol 4EverBlue include:

  • Excellent Solar Heat Reduction
  • Reduces glare by softening and diffusing the light.
  • Reduces fading of fabrics, furniture and artwork.
  • Let’s in the light while reducing the heat.
  • Cost effective solar control

Applied to the exterior surface of polycarbonate (including Acrylic, Lexan and Plexiglas) and glass skylights, 4EverBlue imparts a bluish hue to the inside surface of your skylight giving the appearance of a nice, clear blue sky no matter what the weather.

Applied in one or more layers to the outside surface with either a roller or airless sprayer, 4EverBlue is the Liquisol line’s mid-range choice for solar heat rejection. 4EVERblue provides significant glare reduction, making the light coming through your skylight much more pleasant.

One Liter of 4EverBlue will cover 100 Square Feet and is available in 1 liter and 5 liter cans.

Liquisol 4EverBlue can be purchased in the Liquisol store.

*When purchasing Liquisol paint be sure to include Liquisol sOOp cleaner to ensure the surface is properly cleaned, prepped and ready for your Liquisol application.