Liquisol 4Ever Solar Control Paint

Skylight Heat control - Solar reflective Paint

4Ever Solar Control Paint

The Original Solar Control Skylight Paint

Our original formula, Liquisol 4EVER, was designed to provide an easy to install, simple and affordable way to provide heat control solutions for polycarbonate (including Acrylic, Lexan and Plexiglas) and glass skylights and panels.

Applied on the exterior surface of your skylight or polycarbonate panel, Liquisol 4Ever effectively reduces excessive solar heat (41% solar heat reduction) and glare while eliminating 99% of the harmful UV radiation.

Benefits of 4Ever include –

  • Excellent Solar Heat Reduction for polycarbonate skylights
  • Reduces glare by softening and diffusing the light.
  • Reduces fading of fabrics, furniture and artwork.
  • Let’s in the light while reducing the heat.
  • Cost effective solar control

Applied with either a roller or airless sprayer (airless sprayer is highly advised) on the exterior surface of polycarbonate or glass, 4Ever is designed to be an easy to apply, effective and long term solution solution to your skylight heat problems.

The paint can be applied with either a roller or airless sprayer.

One liter of 4Ever will cover approximately 100 square feet and is available in 1 liter and 5 liter cans.

4Ever MSDS

4Ever Technical Specs

4Ever Test Report

Liqusol 4Ever is can be purchased through the Liquisol Store.

*When purchasing Liquisol 3Seasons be sure to include Liquisol sOOp cleaner to ensure the surface is properly cleaned, prepped and ready for your Liquisol application.