Liquisol skylight paintLiquisol 3SEASONS solar reflective paint is designed to be more easily removable than our 4Ever and 4Everblue products.

3SEASONS was developed for those locations that suffer from extremely cold temperatures in the winter months, where you want to use take advantage of the solar heat gain from your skylights, but still have excessive heat during the rest of the year.  Similar in appearance and performance to our 4EVER paint this gives you effective options for your home or buildings solar control.

Like all our products the 3SEASONS is designed to be applied to the outside of polycarbonate, polyacrylic and glass panels. The paint is applied in one or more layers with rollers or airless sprays. The paint can be removed using a mixture of water, soap and 10% ammonia.

3SEASONS was developed for those seasonal climates where its important to stop excess heat while still being able to take advantage of the solar heat gain in the winter months.

When the application is complete the paint is not sticky.


Liquisol 3SEASONS is available in 1 Liter and 5 liter cans. You can order the 3Seasons paint in our Liquisol store.