Liquisol 2WHITE is a white paint designed to make black roofs reflective and more energy efficient. Applying 2WHITE has reduced the surface temperature of the roofs it was applied to from 176 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. These reduced surface temperatures can massively reduce the cooling load on your home, office or building.

Liquisol 2WHITE Solar Reflective Roof

With 2White applied to your roof:

  • Your insulation will be less stressed, extending it’s life.
  • The ambient temperature of the building will be drastically reduced, reducing the load on your air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Less work for your HVAC system means less energy is needed to cool your home or building. This means less money spent on air conditioning and more money in your pocket.  2WHITE saves you money.

2WHITE can be easily applied with a roller or airless sprayer. On elastic substrates it’s very important that the paint is applied with the appropriate amount (1 liter per 1,5m2) to allow for expansion and contraction of the roof.

Water-based, 2WHITE is environmentally safe and makes for easy clean up.  Simply clean your tools with water.

2WHITE is available in 10 liter buckets, which is sufficient to cover 15 Sq. Meters (161 Sq. Feet).