Skylight Solar Control

Too Much Heat From Your Skylight?

Introducing a *NEW* simple, affordable and effective way to reduce Skylight Heat.

Skylights enhance and beautify homes and businesses by bringing in the sun to brighten normally dark areas with free natural sunlight. Sometimes however, there is just too much sun. Excessive heat and glare from a skylight can make parts of your home or office very uncomfortable in addition to increasing the cost of air conditioning.

There is a simple, economical alternative to reduce the unwanted, annoying heat and glare – Liquisol solar reflective paint. Unlike Skylight Shades which block up to 90% of the light coming through your skylight, Liquisol can be adjusted to allow in the optimum amount of light while reducing excess heat and glare. Best of all, Liquisol is easy to apply and with the money you’ll save it can pay for itself fast, sometimes within a single year. If you are having issues with excessive heat and glare coming through your skylight give us a call. Liquisol will make your home and office more comfortable.

What is Liquisol Solar Paint?

Liquisol is a line of solar-reflective paint specially designed for acrylic, plastic and glass skylights. Typical skylight heat solutions like blinds, shades and covers can cost a lot of money, are hard to install and might need regular maintenance and cleaning. Liquisol is simple and easy…after all it’s a paint, and Liquisol still lets in the light you want from your skylight. Most of other solutions are simply too dark. Liquisol is formulated to reflect the Infrared light, where the heat is concentrated, while letting in a measured amount of visible light.

The result – Liquisol eliminates the excess heat while letting in the light leaving you more comfortable and saving on energy costs.

Less expensive, easier to maintain and better looking than skylight shades, skylight blinds and skylight covers, Liquisol solar reflective paint is the cost effective option for reducing solar heat gain through your skylight.

Solar reflective paint for skylights

skylight shade - Liquisol solar control paint for skylights

Liquisol paints are specifically developed to be used on the outside of conservatories, skylights and light domes. While specially designed and developed to provide solar control on poly-carbonate (Lexan, fiberglass and plexiglass) skylights, Liquisol can also be used on glass. The paint can be easily applied on all types of skylights

Eliminate the excess heat coming through your skylights. – Liquisol solar reflective paint is designed to reduce the excess heat, light and glare coming through your skylights while keeping all the benefits. How does it do this? Liquisol paint contains specialized pigments that let in the visible light spectrum while reflecting the infra-red heat of the sun.

Reduces the fading of furniture, fabrics and artwork. Liquisol paint protects and preserves your property by reducing the primary causes of fading. Liquisol absorbs UV light, reduces solar heat and moderates the level of light coming into your home, office or building.

Liquisol liquid solar protection is available in both temporary and permanent versions.